Create Solutions to Pain Points for Companies

Pain Points

Work communication relying on social software has high risk of information leakage

Lack of interaction and understanding among employees

Work is boring


Instant messaging and social networking

Make work communication easier and funnier

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Make your Job Easier and,Make your Staff More Excellent

Complete Coverage of Smart Working

Offer comprehensive solution for enterprises by integrating multiple functions

AI Drive

Humanized smart working AI, taking the role of manager, coach, assistant, supervisor and helping complete tasks efficiently

Work Exclusive IM

Precise search function, send and forward audio message up to 180s, efficient communication

Gamified Working

Provide components such as sending flowers, blessings, credit, lottery to make work socialized and gamified

Easy to Use

Content management system with abundant, and authoritative courseware

Simultaneous Synchronization

Synchronization on Mobile, PC, Web

Product Form

One-stop and customized service

General Version

One-stop Smart Working Platform

  • Mainly for small and micro enterprises
  • Fully cover smart comprehensive office, IM+Social, E-learning, CRM and e-HR
  • Provide overall affair management
  • Synchronization on multiple platforms
  • Permanently free

Customized Version

Personalized Smart Working and Learning Platform

  • Mainly for medium and large enterprises, government organizations
  • Customized product package
  • Customized LOGO and name
  • Various components
  • Support mixed cloud deployments
  • Satisfy personal demand of mobile working and learning management